Here at Esther Recordings, we are happy to announce a new addition to our team. Dion has worked as an independent artist for many years and knows all too well the struggle it can be for artists to find their own audience. Receiving his master’s degree in music management, over the last years, he has been working as an independent promoter for other artists, and the numbers throughout his work were impressive to us.

Dion has actually been a long-time customer, in fact, he was the very first customer to walk in our doors when we opened back in 2016. Over the years it developed into a creative partnership, and also friendship. We hope that artists will appreciate having a place that can help them develop as artists and create great-sounding music, while also helping them build their brand and platform in a healthy way.

It’s good to see our family grow, and we are happy to expand our services to not only helping artists sound great but also be heard. We have so much in the works and are excited to announce new and exciting things that will happen soon.

Best regards from all of us at Esther.